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An Easy How-to Guide to Installing A Basketball Hoop

So you want your own home basketball court? Before you start laying the foundations of your new court, and running practice drills, you need to think about the hoop set up. 

If you’re planning on a DIY Basketball Court, then you’ll need to know how to install a basketball hoop yourself. Depending on the available space, and your budget, a DIY install can be a great project.

Continue reading our easy how-to guide to installing a basketball hoop to learn more. 


First you’ll want to decide on the type of basketball ring you want to install. 

An in ground basketball ring is the best long term solution for your backyard basketball court, while a free standing ring is more temporary and should be weighed down suitably. 

Our adjustable basketball ring range, DreamHoops, are elite level in-ground hoops. 

It’s important to note that for an in ground basketball system, you need to organise it first before installing your court because of the hoops’ overhang. The overhang measurement is where the ring sits within the court, which will determine where you’ll need to mark your court lines and free throw line. 

The DreamHoop 60” overhang is 900mm. While the DreamHoop 72” overhang is 1200mm.


These measurements are taken from the front of the anchor plate to the backboard. 


For home courts under 7 metres in width, we normally recommend the DreamHoop 60” due to backboard-to-court ratio. For courts larger than this, we recommend the DreamHoop 72”. Of course, the beauty of a DIY install means the choice is yours. 

Plus, you can fully customise your baller space with our court designer to suit your style and needs. 

If it's an outdoor basketball court that you’re installing, whether it’s for home or for a local community, then you’ll also want to think about weather resistant hardware. 

As standard, all DreamHoops system include: 

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Rust resistant galvanized steel construction 
  • Anchor kit with four J-bolts and rio bars
  • Backboard padding
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 2'' thick custom fitted pole padding

And our rings are dunk approved. 


DreamHoops adjustable basketball hoops are easy to install, just like the DreamCourts multi-sport court surface system. 

As long as you have enough clear depth and space to dig a hole for the footings to secure your hoop, then you’re off to a good start. And always remember to dial before you dig

You’ll also need to think about not only the height of your young athletes but also any clearance above your court space and around the basketball backboard and ring.


Are there trees or foliage blocking a clear shot, or any that may grow to be nuisance? Check your roof and gutter line to see if it’s out of the way of any three-pointers. 


While DreamHoops can be adjusted from any height above 5 feet to 10 feet, the standard height of a basketball ring is 10 feet—roughly 3 metres. So if you’re aiming for a pro-set up then keep this in mind. 


The beauty of installing a ring yourself means you can easily convert any space into a practice spot, without the need of adding a court surface as well. However, we recommend leveling up with a complete home basketball court for your young pro. 


We also offer pro-installation services if you’d prefer to leave it up to the professionals. 

Ready to unleash your little pro? Choose your DreamHoop here.


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