What is the best in-ground basketball system?

November 17th 2020

If your budding sports star has been bugging you for a basketball ring at home, then now is the perfect time to install one in. 

But just what is the best in-ground basketball system for your space? Whether it’s for home, school, or a local sports club, the best system is the one that’s right for you. 

It’s great to be able to have a space to practice anytime, and you’ll no longer have to search for “basketball courts near me”. But the right in-ground basketball system is a basketball hoop that fits your needs, available space and budget. 

The DreamCourts DreamHoops basketball rings are perfect for any space, even if you don’t have a backyard basketball court. Because they’re a sturdy and adjustable system with alternative sizes available, DreamHoops have been designed to be a market leader in in-ground basketball systems. 

So whether you’re a high school looking to upgrade an indoor basketball court or have a young pro at home with an outdoor court, let’s explore the options. 

DreamHoops 60”

As official partners of the NBL, DreamCourts bring you the ultimate Pro style Rim systems with DreamHoops. 

Our ring systems include a fully adjustable basketball hoop, meaning you can alter the height from five and a half feet all the way to ten to suit your baller and the available space. 

The DreamHoops 60” comes with a 60” wide backboard with ½”- thick tempered glass with an 1” thick padding (attached) and our Elite Rim, a professional grade ringless hoop, comes standard. 

The in-ground system is built around a 6'' x 6'' engineered steel main pole, which also includes 2” thick padding. 

As standard, all DreamHoops system include: 

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Anchor kit with four J-bolts and rio bars
  • Backboard padding
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 2'' thick custom fitted pole padding

Our basketball hoops are also constructed in rust resistant galvanized steel. 

You don’t need a basketball court sized space either to have a dream court at home. At full-height, the ring on our 60” system overhangs by 920mm so it can still fit in tight spaces. A driveway or level side area is perfect for practicing drills and shooting hoops. 

Consider also how you might contain the game with a netting system like our Pro Containment Netting. 

DreamHoops 72”

The DreamHoops 72” comes with a regulation sized 72 inch backboard and a larger, 6'' x 8'' engineered steel main pole, which also includes 2” thick padding. 


You can adjust the basketball ring height to a full ten feet tall. This system is larger in all aspects and overhangs more than a meter (1220mm) at full-height so it’s important to consider these dimensions. 


These rings are perfect for converting a tennis court sized space into an outdoor basketball court. If you’re considering getting your own court at home, check out our DIY basketball court guide, and if you ever wondered what the different basketball court dimensions are then find out here


With every DreamHoop purchase comes a lifetime warranty on the Pro Range, the nets are UV coated, and are dunk and hang approved. Remember, in-ground hoops are much stronger and more durable than freestanding basketball hoops. 

These ring systems suit our basketball and multi-sport court systems, which are completely customisable with our Court Designer to fit your available space. You can install the DreamCourts and DreamHoops system yourself or get the help of a pro. 


Add a DreamHoop with your DreamCourts for the ultimate court design. Let little athletes live out their hoop dreams with DreamHoops. 

Want to bring the game home? Hoop dreams start here.


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