Stop dreaming, start building your dream court with a DIY Basketball Court. Read on to learn more.

November 26th 2020

If you’re looking for a new addition to the home, or a community project to upgrade your local outdoor basketball court, then a DIY basketball court might just be the perfect pick. 

Apart from being a practice space for your budding pro, a backyard basketball court is a great way to add value to your home. Read on to learn more about making your own court with DreamCourts easy-to-install tile system. 

Plus, when you build your own, you can customise it to fit your space. For a truly baller court, create your dream with our Court Designer


Designing and building your own court can be a fun DIY project for your family or school. 

DreamCourts innovate system means you can design, order, and install a new court yourself. 

Our multi-sports court surfacing tiles are simple to install on any level, clean surface. It’s best to have a hard surface layer, like a concrete slab. You should also ensure you have enough depth to work with to secure the footings of your basketball ring. 

DreamCourts tiles come complete with line markings, including a free throw line. For a DIY install, the tiles simply click and press together. 

Our courts come in a range of thicknesses and finishings: 

The EliteX is 19mm thick with 19mm cushions. The surface comes with level 3 grip rating, premium shock absorption, noise reducing and injury preventing technology and is covered by a 15 year warranty. 

Elite Pro measures 15mm thick with 15mm cushions, level 2 grip rating and is covered by a 10 year warranty. 

Elite Multi is 15mm thick with 15mm cushions, level 3 grip rating and is covered by a 8 year warranty. 

They’re designed with Australia’s harsh conditions in mind, with superior weather resistance and drainage means these outdoor courts can be played on all year round.

Plus, our sports surface can be used in a tennis court resurfacing project or even for special events like brand activations. 


The bounce and cushion provided in our courts gives the feel of a classic hardwood court. And thanks to our official partnership with the NBL, you know you’re getting the real deal. 

Giving your little pro a place to practice will really prove to be a home court advantage. Both our basketball rings and courts are based on elite specs and are designed with high performance in mind. 

DreamHoops adjustable basketball rings can also be installed yourself. These in-ground basketball systems are sturdy and can grow with your young athlete. The range of basketball hoops provide options depending on the space you have and height of your players. 

You’ll also want to think about what size court you’re after, or can accommodate. Whether it’s a full regulation-sized court or a simple set up down the siding of your house, the beauty of a DIY Basketball Court means it can be designed to fit any space. 

You can brush up on court dimensions here

An extra point to think about too is containment, and whether or not you’ll need netting for your court. DreamCourts offer a customisable pro containment netting solution which is easy to install. 

The DIY route for building your own backyard basketball court is easy with DreamCourts. With the ability to fully customise the court to fit any space and suit any needs, you can have your very own baller court in no time. 

If you’re short on time, or unsure of where to begin, we also offer a complete pro installation of both our DreamCourts and DreamHoops systems. 

Stop dreaming, start building your DreamCourt here.


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